A good dining chair, bench or stool is the glue to your dinner party. While enjoying sumptuous food and delectable wine, quality seating is what keeps people comfortable throughout. Once the plates are cleared and the candles are blown out, our furniture remains strong, quietly waiting, ready for the next one.


The Elegant Beetle

This Elegant Beetle is an exquisite piece of art to add to your home or office!

Padded and upholstered in leather, faux leather (fireproof on request), fabric.

Dimension:  59 inches (150 cm) wide, 27.5 inches (70cm) deep and 47 inches (120 cm) in height.





Vespa Seat Chair

This original Vespa seat chair is an amazing addition to any room

This piece of art is hand made with authentic recycled parts.

Dimension:  39 inches (80 cm) in height, 36 inches (92 cm) in length and 35 inches (90 cm) in width.






Porsche GT3 RS Lounge Chair

Made from an actual seat removed from a 2008 Porsche 997 GT3 RS. The chair has black leather with a silver stitching around the edges and side bolsters with a dark charcoal color Alcantara base and back center section. The shoulders have an extended support area and overall give a more sporty appearance (besides the extra support). The back and lower trim sections are dark silver metallic finish with polished handles and control pieces. The rear seat back tilts forward and back with the included wall power adapter, or by using the standalone battery. 

There is a small recessed hook at the top back of the seat for hanging a small bag from the back of the chair (perfect for hanging your car keys or a purse). The base you see pictured is a thin and minimalist design made out of brushed stainless steel.

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