Good company should always gather around an incredible table. A place to eat and drink with reckless abandon. A place to laugh until you cry. A place to make memories with the people that matter most to you. A dining table is the stage of life. 

As a car buff, O2 Racing Design will help you remake your favourite car’s parts into your living room’s centrepiece. More than that, we pursue true authenticity. The parts that we use are actual components of the car and recondition them to make them worthy of display and utility. We also have an engine block coffee table for sale in case you are only looking to add a unique piece to your home.

Our end design will show the engineering that is present in a certain auto component while maintaining style. This way, we can exhibit the mechanical and aesthetic side that goes into making cars. Rest assured that in our hands, a door or a V12 engine block would make for the perfect dining or coffee table. 




Jaguar Dream Set

Made from the real car,  this is not just a Dream, It is a Dream come true. This shows the sheer beauty of a true classic. 

We incorporated a true English favourite, the colour brown, into one of England’s most famous sons: Jaguar. This is the prime example of our coffee lounge set, with both seats and engine block coming from one of Jaguar’s own.





Bentley W12 Wine Top

A redesigned 6 litre W12 engine provides storage for up to 12 bottles of wine. Make a statement with these elegant pieces of furniture!

This is O2 Racing Design’s offering to the oenophiles. We used the piston holes as wine rests and retain the Bentley badge that enhances the class of the rack.

If you wish to turn an engine block to a coffee table or a car seat into a sofa, there is no need to look further. O2 Racing Design can manufacture anything you desire.

Lexus Door Coffee Table

This piece of art is hand made with an original Lexus door.

A glass top lets you view this beauty from all angles.

Dimension:  33.5 inches (85 cm) in length, 21.5 inches (55 cm) in width and 20 inches (50 cm) in height.

Lexus has long been the epitome of Eastern-style luxury. A direct rival of European automotive heavyweights, but in terms of design, a chasm the size of a galaxy separates the two. While Mercedes and BMW keep their cars’ form lean, Lexus never shied away from introducing curves in their creations. As such, we used the curvature in one of their doors to make a dual-level coffee table.



Mulsanne V8 Table

The Mulsanne V8 Table has a glass top and a Bentley V8 engine as the base. Make a statement with these elegant pieces of furniture!

From one of Bentley’s best-selling models, we created a table worthy of any gear head who has an inclination for luxury. Without gutting the engine, our artists are able to show the magnificence of the Mulsanne’s V8 engine.




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